Welcome to my blog!

I am a recent college graduate, living in a big city. This blog is where I post my  cooking adventures and attempts at doing big cooking in a kitchen that is toy-sized.

This blog began when I was a sophomore in college and trying to find my feet as a new and relatively inexperienced cook. During my freshman year of college, I faced some serious health issues, so I came off the meal plan and started eating almost exclusively from what I cooked – my health improved and I learned that I had a new activity I really loved.

Most of the recipes here are heavily vegetable based, only because that’s how I grew up eating and it has basically made me the vegetable equivalent of the cookie monster. While there are many recipes that count as vegan or vegetarian, I eat everything, with an eye towards limiting meat to that which is raised in an ethical and environmentally friendly way (here’s looking at you, grass fed beef).

This blog is mostly for people with limited time and  an aversion to using more dishes necessary. I only recently moved to a place with an actual counter, so you’ll notice many (especially older) recipes don’t count on that.

You can also check out some a flashback to my college kitchen or learn about what’s in my pantry. I should also note that as typical young person I have extremely limited time to cook every day, but I still manage to get around this by freezing lots of what I cook so that I can still have homemade food everyday. You can read more about how I do this here.

Finally, for some inspiration to get you going, check out the recipe index.

Here’s to getting cooking!

Want to contact me? Send an email to ToyKitchenChef@gmail.com

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