A Few Things to Know About Me…

My kitchen is a toy, literally. 

There is no counter space, only a table and my sink is hardly big enough to fit my (only) large pot. Speaking of pots..

This is what I have to cook with: One large ceramic pot (admittedly a bit of an investment but totally worth it), one medium pot, one small pot, a fry pan and a cast iron skillet. I also have two baking sheets and a brownie pan.

Most of my recipes can be made in one pot (plus maybe one smaller pot for rice or something on the side). I don’t particularly want to waste lots of time washing dishes and I’m short on space anyway so I try to use as few dishes as possible.

I also do not own a toaster, microwave, electric mixer, food processor, blender or any other fancy tools. If you don’t have them either you’re in luck because you won’t need them!

All of these meals are extremely inexpensive to make. I hate to overspend on food and my favorite pastime is calculating how little a meal costs and then comparing it to eating fast food out, not to mention how much more delicious and healthy is it!

I’m not the type to have capers or truffle oil or anything that fancy really lying around. Nothing frustrates me more than finding a recipe online and then realizing I don’t have that one special ingredient… and then not having time/energy/drive to go get it.

Basically my goal is to prepare and eat simple, delicious, healthy food. I’d love to hear your feedback so if you try something, let me know how it went!

One thought on “A Few Things to Know About Me…

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